Sunday, August 22, 2010

Painted Sea Glass

Well I have been collecting sea glass along the shores of Cape Breton. I handed some off to Bob MacDougall last week to paint and here are our results.

100_1301 100_1306

100_1307 100_1312

100_1316 100_1321

100_1324 100_1328

100_1332 100_1336

100_1337 100_1342

100_1345 100_1348

100_1350 100_1355


They will be at the ships on Tuesday.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Finally Fired

Well, have been busy, ships are arriving in numbers and business is good.

However did get these pieces fired and framed over the past week so thought I had better post.


Colours stayed and we are happy with it.


Again a few bubbles but nothing that distracts from the piece.

And third but not least my favourite and the one we tested with.


We put a varnish on this one to try and keep the  layers of paint from moving and it worked. Burned off without any adverse affects.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Product Line


Well we have some new pieces  to show you. They are in the first stage and have not been fired yet

All of these pieces are approximately 4X4 in and we are still discussing display options

The first is an eagle

mystic fusion 002

Over the next couple of days these will be fired and I will post as we progress.

Thanks to very kind glass artists on the warm glass board I belong to they have given use some ideas of mediums to use to make the painting process much easier.

The second item is a parrot,he is stunning

mystic fusion 003

The third is a commission of a tiger. We did this smaller on a pendant and received a request to do not in jewellery format. So here it is.

mystic fusion 006

And last but not least is a snow leopard that we are experimenting with. We have actually covered the bottom layers with varnish and then painted over. This one is a crap shoot, no idea what will happen. we have gotten better suggestions since then.

mystic fusion 009

So at this point all I can say is stay tuned for the next steps

Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Firing Completed

Well as promised I did the first firing over night and they came out great. Will try to fire again today but no promises.
Here are the pictures
Stay tuned.
For those not sure of what we are doing. When Bob paints them he is using an acrylic enamel. The first firing burns off the binders which is what we see as the paint. So now these pictures are all actual glass. Will go through more firings to flatten out the raised areas and cap with clear to give it a depth that we prefer. Will then be made into jewelry.
And on a positive note as these are new products for us. We have sold several pieces, as well as alot of interest in the one I wear, which is of my dog Milley. So yes if they send us a pictures of their pets we will paint them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

fused Glass New Paintings

Well today was a cruise ship day, although the days there are long, the good news is this is when Bob and I see each other. The result today was 2 new paintings from Bob.
Here they are and I am excited.

Now that I have taken a picture of the original I will put these in the kiln tonight for the first firing. That result I will post tomorrow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Cruise Season Starts

Well today was our first ship day and I have to say there was much interest in our pieces. I was wearing my piece of my dog Milley. So 3 people took our card and are going to send pictures of their pets. As well interest in acouple of  pieces I didn't have finished yet. Couldn't be happier, rave reviews. I do believe we have a winning product. The pieces retail for $150.00 and the people were very aware that each piece was an original glass painting (and not a painting on glass) and had the 18in leather cord.
None had seen anything like our pieces in their travels. It was exciting for both Bob and I to hear the positive comments

Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally I Did the Fused Glass Pendants

I can honestly tell you the pictures do not do these pieces justice. The wolves didn't fire as good as I had hoped but the others especially the ones on white - hummingbird and sunflowers are absolutely stunning. The next pictures of these you will see will be finished products with bails and cords.

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