Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Product Line


Well we have some new pieces  to show you. They are in the first stage and have not been fired yet

All of these pieces are approximately 4X4 in and we are still discussing display options

The first is an eagle

mystic fusion 002

Over the next couple of days these will be fired and I will post as we progress.

Thanks to very kind glass artists on the warm glass board I belong to they have given use some ideas of mediums to use to make the painting process much easier.

The second item is a parrot,he is stunning

mystic fusion 003

The third is a commission of a tiger. We did this smaller on a pendant and received a request to do not in jewellery format. So here it is.

mystic fusion 006

And last but not least is a snow leopard that we are experimenting with. We have actually covered the bottom layers with varnish and then painted over. This one is a crap shoot, no idea what will happen. we have gotten better suggestions since then.

mystic fusion 009

So at this point all I can say is stay tuned for the next steps

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