Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Firing Done

Well the first firing is done and I got totally different results than I expected. They are much nicer than when they went in. The wolves were what I thought was brown when they went in and as you can see they are the white grey and blend with the snowy surroundings. This one when completed will be a brooch.
The hummingbird looked liked the whole head would be red however only the throat came out red. Not as much paint as previous ones and therefore has the delicate weight of the actual bird.
What can I say about the sunflowers they are awesome, the dark brownish yellow with light highlights make them pop off the glass.
The final bird and I hesitate to put a name to it because it is late at night and I can't remember the name. I am sure someone out there will tell me and thanks in advance. The detail on the back is amazing.
I hope everyone appreciated my technical terms and I can tell you seeing them in person certainly makes a difference. I will have to get my light box out and seriously start playing with these pieces.
Will probably cap and fire again tomorrow.

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